Nitrogen Generation Plants

Nitrogen Plant

BDM Export’s nitrogen plant is a premier product being fabricated with the best materials. Manufacturing is undertaken with the latest cutting-edge cryogenic technology. No denying it is the most efficient technique available. Being built with the top technology, Nitrogen generation plant is able to generate nitrogen with purity up to 99.9%, which meets all types of applications. We offer them in various capacities ranging from 50m3/hr to 1000m3/hr. However, we would like to point out that our emphasis is on delivering quality air separation products. Our company focuses on making the plant for businesses based in developing countries of South America, Asia and Africa.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have sold over 300 N2 plants to the customers based all over the globe. Most of the customers have been from the developing countries. Fabrication is geared up to make the products efficient and effective in 3rd world working conditions. It explains the reason why customers from the developing countries prefer using our products. Moreover, we also customize the plants according to the needs of industries they will be deployed in. As you might be aware nitrogen is the largest industrially used gas. It is used for making ammonia, fertilizers, creating modified atmosphere, food storage and packaging.

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Nitrogen Generation Plant Working Cycle Process

BDM Export’s nitrogen plant working cycle process is based on the Linde & Claude technique developed during 1930s. Working cycle process starts with the intake of atmospheric air which is then compressed after filtration. Next, the liquefaction and separation of atmospheric air takes place on basis of the boiling points of the gases present in the air. The process of liquefaction happens inside the heat exchanger. In the next stage, the air is moved into the high pressure distillation column. Finally, the desired gas is collected and is sent into the low pressure distillation column for further distillation till it meets specified purity level.

Nitrogen Plant Working Cycle Process
Nitrogen Generator Plant Manufacturing Cost

Nitrogen Generator Plant Manufacturing Cost

BDM Export has become a leading global brand for manufacturing and providing air separation plants in various capacities. The brand has witnessed tremendous traction since it was established in 1997. Our brand is not only riding on the popularity of the quality of our products but also on the competitive nitrogen generator plant manufacturing cost. We are a 100% export oriented unit so we receive many rebates from the government so we are able to keep our nitrogen production plant cost down from the prevailing prices in the market. At the same time, we fabricate our air separation plants with the best materials, components, parts and cutting-edge fractional distillation technology.

Industrial Uses of Nitrogen Gas Plant

We manufacture nitrogen gas plant for wide range of industries. Manufacturing and designing is completed according to the requirements of industries. Our Nitrogen filling plant for food packaging is our bestseller and is completely designed for fulfilling their needs. As you might be aware there are many uses of nitrogen gas plant including in chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. We also provide the plants for these industries. Our liquid nitrogen generation plant and nitrogen gas generating plant for chemical and pharmaceuticals are fabricated to generate the gas with flow rate and purity required for running their operations. We use only the globally accepted quality standards in the designing and fabrication.

PSA Nitrogen Plant System

PSA nitrogen plant system is industrial machinery just like cryogenic N2 plant but it uses adsorption technology. Though it is not as effective and efficient as cryogenic technique yet many industries also opt for it solely for its lower prices. The plant can generate nitrogen with purity up to 95%, which in most cases drop considerably within six months of its operation. Whenever customers approach us for PSA plants we always recommend them to raise their budget and opt for cryogenic nitrogen plants. In the long run, you would be better off running the latter as you will get great ROI and a life-cycle of over 25 years.