Liquid Oxygen Generation Plant

Liquid Oxygen Plants

Liquid oxygen (LOX) plant is industrial machinery that is able to generate oxygen through separation of liquefaction of atmospheric air on the basis of their boiling points. The product gas is further distilled in the low pressure distillation column for achieving oxygen with commercial purity. BDM Export’s LOX plant is fabricated with the latest cryogenic distillation. With BDM cryogenic oxygen plants, you can produce 50% of oxygen in liquid and the remaining 50% in the gaseous form or in whatever measure you want depending upon your requirements. Industries now like to produce and store LOX as it is very convent to store and transport.

It goes without saying that we completely comply with globally accepted standards of manufacturing. Our O2 machinery is able to deliver 20% extra oxygen due to the immaculate designing and manufacturing of air separation column with cryogenic grade stainless steel and argon welding. The column accounts for around 60% of the costing of air separation plants. Obviously, our engineers place a high premium on the quality manufacturing of the column. BDM Export has singular focus which is to ensure high ROI (return on investment) for our clients. In the pursuit, the company works on the quality of products and service.

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Liquid Oxygen Generation Plant Process

Production of oxygen from the atmospheric air is done primarily through two methods, namely, cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption (PSA). BDM Export’s liquid oxygen plant manufacturing process is based on the Linde & Claude technique pioneered in 1930s. The process is based on the fractional distillation. It is the most efficient and result-oriented process. There is no denying the fact that process is the preferred choice of industries including steel, chemical, and medical and so on. Steel industry is the largest consumer followed by chemical and so forth. The process uses the process of liquefaction of atmospheric air and separating oxygen from other gases on the basis of their boiling points.

Liquid Oxygen Plant Manufacturing Process
Oxygen Liquid Plant in Hospital

Oxygen Liquid Plant in Hospital

BDM Export manufactures and supplies around 25% of its annual output to the hospitals worldwide. Our brand has gathered superb traction in the medical industry because of our superb designing and manufacturing with world-class standards. Our liquid oxygen generation plant for hospitals has been especially fabricated keeping in focus the requirements of hospitals. It comes in various capacities and sizes ranging from 50m3/hr to 500m3/hr. And, LOX plant for medical is designed to generate medical grade oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which is adequate for medical purposes. Finest quality materials and components are used in the fabrication for building durable and reliable products.

Liquid Oxygen Generator Machine

As a reputed air separation manufacturer, we have got dedicated team of designers and engineers with decades of experience in building air separation products. Our team has fabricated oxygen gas generation plant and liquid nitrogen plant, liquid oxygen generator machine especially optimized for meeting the needs of micro and small industries. Our focus has always been to have our products serve entrepreneurs even with small budgets. The micro or small oxygen generators are ideal products for welding and cutting industries. Similarly, fishing industry will also appreciate the use of these small plants. And you also have paper and pulp industry that requires constant supply of oxygen. Numerous other micro and small businesses cannot do without oxygen and prefer installing onsite LOX O2 generators.

Liquid Oxygen Generator Machine

Liquid Oxygen Generation Plant Filling Station

For entrepreneurs looking to doing a business of selling cylinders, BDM Export offers liquid oxygen filling plant station and liquid nitrogen generation plant. Apparently, selling oxygen to industries and hospitals is an amazing business promising steady returns for future. There is no likelihood of need for oxygen ever being replaced. On the contrary, oxygen business is going to become more vital in the future. Retailing O2 would require you to go for buying oxygen filling stations for filling/refilling cylinders. We manufactures LOX cylinder filling plants in various sizes and capacities for meeting the requirements of gas companies. Our filling station come equipped with an oxygen cylinder filling system and an oxygen pump.

Technical Specifications

BDM L-50 55 Liters / hr 1.5 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-80 90 Liters / hr 2.5 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-100 100 Liters / hr 3 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-150 180 Liters / hr 5 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-200 215 Liters / hr 6 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-250 290 Liters / hr 8 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-300 360 Liters / hr 10 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-400 425 Liters / hr 12 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-500 540 Liters / hr 15 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-1000 1170 Liters / hr 30 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-1500 1755 Liters / hr 45 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-2000 2340 Liters / hr 60 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-3000 3515 Liters / hr 90 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-4000 4685 Liters / hr 120 Tons per day 99.7%
BDM L-5000 5850 Liters / hr 150 Tons per day 99.7%