Acetylene Gas Plant

acetylene gas plant

BDM Export’s acetylene gas plant is reputed for its reliability, performance and competitive cost. The plant generates acetylene gas with rich yield. Acetylene is also called fuel gas since it is mostly used for burning. In combination with oxygen, the fuel gas become more potent and is known as oxy-acetylene. However, manufacturing the plant requires world-class expertise with an adequately equipped industrial setup for making high quality acetylene generators. Since our establishment in 1987, we have invested a great deal our resources in creating one of the largest manufacturing and testing centers in the Delhi NCR region. BDM Export has staff trained in cutting-edge technologies and a factory with the all the modern facilities.

Manufacturing of our portfolio products is completed in full compliance with internationally accepted quality standards. We follow GMP (good manufacturing practices) protocols for making fuel gas plants. Materials used in the fabrication are of high quality. It is good enough to withstand extreme temperatures. High grade stainless steel used in the fabrication ensures the plant machinery continues to perform years without much wear and tear. We use only ASME quality materials for fabrication for sturdiness and durability. The plant machinery is explosion-free as the process involves use of water for moderation of heat generated in the acetylene generator.

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Acetylene Production Plant Process

Acetylene gas is generated as a result of reaction between calcium carbide and water yielding acetylene gas along with by-products heat and calcium hydroxide. Chemically, the reaction is represented as CaC2 + 2H2O → C2H2 + Ca (OH) 2. It goes without saying that acetylene production plant process uses calcium carbide as raw material for the production of the fuel gas. There are many processes but the chemical process is the most preferred one in the industrial sector. Chemical reaction technique is considered the most efficient for onsite production of the fuel gas. Our engineers continuously streamline the process for delivering extra oxygen.

Acetylene Production Plant Process
Acetylene Gas Generator Plant Manufacturer

Acetylene Generator

BDM Export manufactures and supplies acetylene generator for meeting the requirements of wide array of industries including welding, cutting, heating, brazing, etc. We have got high trained and qualified engineers and technicians for designing and fabrication the state-of-the-art machinery for production of uninterrupted supply of the fuel gas. High quality components and parts along with precision designing make for efficient acetylene machinery for hassle-free working. The plants come in various capacities ranging from 15m3/hr to 200m3/hr. Moreover, it is equipped with automation for control of feeding water. Efficiency of our fabrication ensures there is no loss of gas and high yield. Designing is simple making it very simple to operate. Moreover, low power consumption along with low maintenance turns the plant cost-effective for businesses.

Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant

We are the top brand in fabricating oxygen generating plant and acetylene cylinder filling plant for industries that need constant supply of the fuel gas for continuing their operations. Like our air separation products, we use the best quality ASME certified materials in the construction of acetylene generating systems. Our focus is on making machinery which is reliable, durable and high performing. We have established one of the largest manufacturing and testing centers in Delhi NCR. For compliance with international standards we have been awarded CE and other prestigious certifications. Components and parts used in the fabrication are procured only from the European OEMs.