Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Cryogenic Tanks

BDM Export’s cryogenic tanks are manufactured with world-class materials for sturdy performance and durability. Customers use the liquid tanks for storing natural gases like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, argon and many others. Moreover, you can store the gases at appropriate temperature and pressure and temperature for hassle-free transportation. Structurally, the tank has two vessels with one located inside the other. Insulation materials are used in the chamber between the vessels. Besides, the insulating material also provides heat insulation with vacuum filling the chamber between the two vessels. For getting stable vacuum it is imperative to use adsorbent materials in the manufacturing of a cryogenic tank. We use stainless steel and carbon steel in our fabrication. For obtaining insulation, we use materials such as perlite, cellular glass or rockwool.

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Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tanks

We are one of the most trusted and poplar brand for manufacturing and supplying cryogenic liquid oxygen storage tank, cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tank. Being the premier industrial storage tank manufacturer, our focus is on making the liquid storage products that meet the needs of customers. Fabrication is completely done in accordance with the real-world inputs and feedback from the users. BDM brand stands out in the market because of our competitive prices and excellent quality of the products. Liquid storage is popular because it is convenient to store and transport. Compared to gaseous storage, there is way less chance of leakage and so is economical.

Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Storage Tank

We are the foremost company in India making oxygen nitrogen storage tank for cryogenic air separation plant. All industries use storage tank system for backup and for transportation. Small industries get gaseous supplies through cylinders. Though the solution might fit with their budgets but they need stringent safety procedures especially with storage of oxygen. Industries needing hundreds of cylinders daily cannot afford such a risk. Instead, they use liquid storage which is safe as it present no risk of oxygen catching fire or exploding. BDM export builds the tanks with world-class stainless steel and carbon steel for durable and reliable performance.

Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Storage Tank