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BDM Export is a leader in manufacturing and supplying oxygen nitrogen and acetylene plants. The company has become a trusted brand within a decade after its establishment in 1997. At that time, there were few cryogenic air separation manufacturers in India building air separation products in India. It was our company that set up a factory and started making the plant machinery. Industrial scene in the country at the time was in incipient stage. However, we were not looking for customers from India at that time. Our focus was entirely on exporting our oxygen gas generating plant, liquid oxygen nitrogen plant, and nitrogen generating plants.

We use high quality materials in fabrication to ensure reliability and durability. What is more, the materials used must be ASME certified. Recently, we established state of the art factory in Delhi NCR for manufacturing and testing. The factory has been provided with the world-class facilities, tools and skilled man-power. The company follows standard designing principles and GMP (good manufacturing practices) for making products that perform for years. Our air separation systems run on cryogenic distillation technology generating oxygen with purity up to 99.7% and nitrogen with purity of 99.9%.

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BDM Export shipping, installation and project setup

BDM Export has got full-fledged shipping department. It is manned by professionals with years of experience in handling containerizing air separation plants and shipping them to the intended destinations of our customers. The shipping dept is fully supplied with materials required in packaging, handling and uploading. Moreover, the dept specializes in taking care of all logistic related issues. Packaging and containerizing is achieved with utmost precision ensuring no damage during the shipment to the client destination.

Our installation is hassle–free and is completed in a single day after the components and parts of the air separation plant arrive at the client destination. For implementing installation, we dispatch our engineer for the client site. All expenses including food and lodging will be borne by the client. On arrival, the engineer will inspect the site for commissioning and installation. He checks even minute details including the power connections, wires, built up area, shed, etc. After satisfied with the arrangement, he undertakes the installation.

Finally, the BDM Export’s engineer sets up the plant as per the BDM instruction manual. It contains standards, procedures and guidance for setting up. After setup is completed, the engineer now starts the plant to demonstrate it is working as per the protocol. It goes without saying that the plant must be able to generate oxygen and nitrogen with promised purity. Besides, he also demonstrates functioning of different parts and components. The machinery is fully automated with PLC system and can be controlled from a single point called digital control panel.

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